Leak Detection

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Leak Detection

Repiping & Slab Leaks

To repipe or repair? Just like most construction materials, pipes aren’t made to last forever and wear and tear is inevitable. But new technology is taking steps in making better products to lengthen pipe’s life spans. Our expert technicians can evaluate your plumbing issue and decide if your pipes could use isolated repairs or a repipe. Some signs of necessary repairs or repipe: low water pressure to multiple faucets, sudden bursts of hot water, odorous/brown/rusty water, slab leaks, or high water bill.

A Slab Leak is a common yet sometimes undetectable occurrence, that can cause serious damage. This occurs when there is a leak under the foundation of your property. However, just because there can be significant damage , slab leaks can still be resolved with repairs, re-routing, and repipes to avoid continuous damage. Some causes of slab leaks include: burst pipes, excessive pressure, old/poor construction, and scale build up. Some underlining clues that could be potential slab leaks are: unusually high water bills, collections of water near exterior foundation, wet baseboards or carpets, sounds of running water when water has been shut off, or hot flooring.

We Install and Repair All:

  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Leak Detection
  • Copper Repairs
  • Manifold Location
  • Polybutylene Replacements